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Family Preservation

The NPI Mission

Our goal is to provide the best care to consumers that suffer from an array of issues and mental impairments and develop a community system of support and care. As leaders in the mental health field, we want to emphasize that the quality of service is just as important as the positive outcomes we hope to achieve in our consumers’ lives.

We only hope to embody the ideals and statutes associated with service while creating access to community resources for our consumers.

“All things in this world must be seen with youthful, hopeful All things in this world must be seen with youthful, hopeful eyes” 

~~ Henry David Thoreau

Who We Are

New Path Interventions, LLC is a mental health agency which offers intensive in-home services to individuals ages 5-21 years old and caters to those adolescents with developmental, social, and mental impairments and disturbances as well as persons suffering from substance abuse.

As mental health care providers, we aim to empower the lives of individuals who are looking to start anew and build a better life through therapeutic and clinical services that cater to those with mental illnesses and substance abuse issues in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas.

We aim to establish an active presence in the community which centers on creating healthy living and behavioral habits.

What We Do

New Path Interventions is family preservation interventions for children and families who have or are at-risk of serious emotional disturbance, including such individuals who also have a diagnosis of mental retardation. Services are usually time limited provided typically in the residence of an individual who is at risk of being moved to out-of-home placement or who is being transitioned back home from an out-of-home placement.

These services include

  • crisis treatment
  • individual and family counseling
  • life, parenting, and communication skills
  • case management activities and coordination with other services
  • and emergency response

Meet Our Senior Staff

Sikena Campbell

Leadership Team Member

Hebrews 6:10 informs us that God will not forget the work and love we’ve shown Him as we help people and continue to help them.  As a little girl, and even through the end of her college matriculation, Sikena was never completely sure about which profession she would pursue.  However, she did know that whichever career path she chose to undertake would allow her to advocate for oppressed and underserved populations of our community.  Upon graduating from North Carolina Central University, Sikena began working in the behavioral health field as an administrative director and direct care service provider. Assisting the executives of this organization with preparation for national accreditation, state licensure, and audits by the local management entity, it was this position that afforded Sikena the knowledge, skills, ability, and experience to serve in the capacity as an executive director for New Path Interventions.

Danielle Richmond

Leadership Team Member

Danielle Richmond was born and raised in Charlotte, NC where she always knew she would want to work in a place where she could help children and their families. As she grew older, she attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC where she received her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees. During her matriculation, she began working in the Mental Health field in 2005. She loved every minute of working in a Mental Health Agency and learned all that she could in order to one day be an owner of her own Mental Health Agency in 2011. She currently resides in Richmond, VA where her and her 2 business partners own New Path Interventions, LLC. Currently NPI continues to grow and just like in 2005, Ms. Richmond’s passion to help children and their families still remain the same.

Shelbia Brown

Leadership Team Member

As a native of Durham, North Carolina, Shelbia knew at an early age that she had a zest and a passion for helping others. And it stemmed mostly from her upbringing in parochial education institutions where she learned the values of selflessness, giving, faith, charity, and becoming perceptive of others’ needs. For the last 10 years, Shelbia has worked relentlessly to establish a mental health career, working with the child and adult populations. Her professional experiences include studies in the area of drug addiction and person-centered planning. Outside of counseling, Shelbia has also advanced in the administrative realm of mental health, working in the area of agency risk management. Upon partnering with two colleagues, Shelbia is currently one-third of the executive director partnership at New Path Interventions, LLC based in Richmond, Va.

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